Thursday, December 5, 2013

Benefits of using my therapy collars and special order therapy bags

The benefits of heat therapy are undeniable. It can relieve stiffness and improve circulation by opening blood vessels- relieving pain from arthritis, tendonitits, tennis elbow, sinus headaches, aching feet, shoulder and back pain, and many more conditions! But how does moist heat compare to dry? There are many advantages to using moist therapy over traditional dry heat:

Does Not Dry Out Skin
Dry heat therapy tends to dry out skin. Think about what happens to your skin when it gets too hot inside your house- your skin gets dry and can crack if you do not apply moisturizing lotion. Applying direct heat to your skin will leave your skin drier over time. Moist heat therapy, on the other hand, leaves your skin warmed without drying it out.

Deeper Muscle Penetration
Because moisture transfers heat better than air, moist heat therapy delivers more heat directly to your skin because it loses less heat in the transfer process. The result of this greater heat transfer efficiency is that more of the heat makes its way deep into muscles, joints, ligaments and soft tissue.

Faster Relief of Pain
Due to the deeper muscle penetration, moist therapy relieves pain faster. People who use moist heat therapy report that they start feeling more relaxed faster each time they do the therapy and get better faster overall.

Longer-Term Pain Relief
While people using moist heat therapy tend to report that their pain symptoms are relived faster, they also report that on average the pain relief lasts longer- reducing the need to use this treatment as often. People with chronic conditions like arthritis who use this technique regularly, on average, tend to require moist heat therapy less often than when using dry heat therapy.

My Flax Seed Therapy Bags offer the moist heat therapy to help with longer relief of painful symptoms. In addition the tubular construction helps to keep the heat distributed evenly and lasts longer.

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