Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dogs and puppies today!

For all the puppy and dog lovers out there ...
   Wish I could capture in this picture the cuteness of the dogs!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Civil War Therapy Bag

It was fun today creating this special order ...*CIVIL WAR* Therapy Bag!
Here is a picture of each side ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New today!

I am so excited as I make the Therapy *collars* as my husband, Dick calls them. 
Today I am creating a booklet that hold pictures of each one available with a sample
of the actual material attached ... now I can take one in to the shops with me and
the booklet for people to see what I have available!
Here are a few of the Therapy Collars that I made today.
Soft Butterfly Print/back side is soft lavendar

Leaves of gold on blue and beige

Blue Peace!

GREAT GIFTS!  I only make approximately 12 of each pattern so if you see
one you like and want to order it for yourself, family or friend let me know
so I can set them aside for you!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dani's Therapy Bag

Just finished making this one for Dani and I have 3 more just like it!

Special for the month of August ...

Place your order during the month of August for free shipping $35 only ...
(shipped in USA only) .  Go through the postings to find the one you want!
These make excellent gifts for man, woman or child!

Material options for therapy bags

I am not the best at capturing these colors on camera ... but here is my attempt to show you some of the options available for your therapy bag.  Like I have said, I am constantly buying materials so just let me know what you like!
Butterflies in Purple

Teal Peace

Pink hearts

Multi Colored Peace

Leaves of gold on gentle colored background

Lavendar/Lilac Peace

Rich Reddish Maroon - colors not captured well

As I make these into therapy bags, I will post the finished products!

Therapy Bags Available for you today!

I will also be posting materials I have on had and am currently making into bags.  The ones below are also available right now and I have most of the material to make more of the same.  If you see one you like let me know ... if you like the materials, let me know.  If you like a different color or pattern let me know ... if you like butterflies, stars, american themes, kittens, dogs, trees ... let me know and I will find materials to please you!  These are for your comfort and enjoyment so it thrills my heart to make one especially for you!
Brown with little pink hearts (both sides the same)

Rust floral (both sides the same)

Country hearts - SOLD OUT

Maroon - rich looking - SOLD OUT

Kitty Cats in soft blue (darker blue shown is back color)

Red Hearts with black on back

Red with white stars - SOLD OUT

Butterflies a deep pinkish (color on top left is the back side color)

Football for the man in your life (soft brown shown on back)

Peace in Green (soft brown back)

Silky feeling Greens in two shades
Butterfiles in Blue (darker blue shown is the back side)



Monday, August 1, 2011

Peace - Made for Lisa!!!

Just completed for Lisa!!!
Enjoy the peace and stress relief you will find using this Therapy Bag!