Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Neck and Shoulder Sweet Therapy Bag

Reduced Pain, Spasms & Inflammation
Heat therapy stimulates your skin's sensory receptors, which reduces the transmission of pain signals to your brain. Muscle spasms can generate sensations ranging from mild discomfort to marked pain, but heat therapy helps relieve muscle spasm-related pain and relax your tight and tender muscles. Heat therapy can also reduce inflammation--including various types of arthritis.
If you sit at a computer for hours at a time, the perfect weight and design of this therapy bag just makes you say AHHHH!  You will immediately have a sense of relief for the stress built up in your shoulder and neck area!   $35   These sell in spas for much more, but I want them to be affordable for all.  They are double stitched, filled with flax and designed to hold heat (or cold) much longer than other similar type therapy bags - comes in many colors, just contact me by leaving a note here or email at

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